Asset Management

For commercial and industrial-scale solar sites, Asset Management (AM) is a major aspect to prioritize post-commissioning.

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Solar asset management, which consists in the commercial and financial management of a solar plant, involves the following aspects that can be custom-tailored to meet the customer’s unique requirements:

  • collections and payments
  • keeping books and records in conformity with agreed accounting standards
    processing of statutory tax filings
  • delivery of financial statements and reports
  • preparation of the annual budget
  • monitoring and ensuring compliance with any material contracts and/or licensing and permitting
  • maintaining proper insurance coverage for the plant
  • Technical services (performance engineering, cost optimization, strategic advisory services, and quality services)

We Offer

24/7 plant oversight with online monitoring and site reporting

1st level on-site rectification and reporting

Issue detection
Maintaining and procuring spare part inventory

Spare parts management
Preparing report and coordinate with supplier for warranty claim

ST Engineer inspection
Accounting and admin services

Billing, Collections
Advice on insurance coverages to protect against asset loses or loss-of-profit

Insurance Consultancy
To make sure the plant is running following the rules and regulations (ST, TNB, SEDA, etc)

Local Authorities compliance
CCTV monitoring and hiring security personnel

Site Security
To manage waste disposal including recycling plan

Waste disposal