PV Solar Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance for PV Solar plants involves the repair or replacement of failed components or equipment that negatively affect site performance.

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NHE’s technical team performs corrective maintenance to identify, isolate and rectify a fault, whether involving PV solar equipment (e.g. short-circuited inverters, damaged panels, tripped switchgear or relays), structural components (mounting structures, foundations, drainage, etc) or the PV solar plant’s monitoring system.

Corrective maintenance actions include replacement of damaged PV modules or inverters, repair of leaks (for rooftop-mounted systems), the improvement of earthing, and the resetting / recalibration of relays.

We Offer

Removal and installation of damaged PV modules

Panel replacement
Removal and installation of damaged inverters

Inverter replacement
Troubleshooting and repair of leaks on different types of rooftops

Rooftop leaking check
Visual inspection of the grounding system and performance of grounding/earthing test

Earth chamber testing
Testing of the sensor and ACB performed by field specialists

Current sensor testing