PV Solar Forensic Services

To gain a better understanding of a particular fault or of a PV solar plant’s general underperformance, New Horizon Energy offers forensic investigation services to identify the root cause and take appropriate action.

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Forensic services include detailed diagnosis and investigation to evaluate the possible causes of faults / underperformance and identify the best approach to improve the problem.

For example, in the case of general plant underperformance, actions may include string testing as well as analyzing and collecting all performance data and operating log for degradation analysis. Actions will be recommended to restore the plant’s operating performance back to pre-fault levels as per design.

We Offer


Analyse all performance data for trends with site weather and irradiance data

Site performance diagnosis
Collecting all historical data for degradation analysis

Performance degradation diagnosis
Monthly operation reporting. Produce and maintain all operating and maintenance reports including performance, operation log, O&M activities and scheduling

Production & availability reporting
Make recommendations / take actions to ensure a PV solar plant produces its optimum yield as per design

Improvement of yields