PV Solar Installation Services

New Horizon Energy offers comprehensive services to site owners through the entire project cycle, including technical feasibility and design, permitting approvals, procurement, installation, commissioning, and guaranteed availability and performance under a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) with the customer.

Go Green and Save Money At The Same Time!

Industries, companies and home owners can all benefit from using solar energy to can reduce their electricity bills, while doing their vital part to help protect the environment. Please contact us by Live Chat or email for more details.


Our team has successfully developed and commissioned more than 350 operational PV solar installations in Malaysia and Thailand for both commercial and residential customers. These include rooftop, ground-mount and Building Integrated PV (“BIPV”) installations under Malaysia’s Large Scale Solar (LSS), Net Energy Metering (NEM), Self-Consumption (Selco) and Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programs, as well as under Thailand’s FiT program.

To increase renewable energy sources in the national energy generation mix, the Malaysian government has more recently introduced the LSS and NEM programs. LSS is a competitive bidding program by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) under which developers build, own and operate the power plant with energy sales to TNB or SESB at market-based tariffs.

Under the NEM concept, energy produced from the solar PV plant will be consumed first and any excess will be exported to TNB at prevailing displaced cost.

Self-consumption (“Selco”), which involves installation of a reverse power relay blocking re-export of excess solar energy to the grid, is also permitted under the Malaysian as well as Thailand regulations. This is the primary model for consumption by industrial and commercial consumers in Thailand, and is now gaining more importance in Malaysia given limits to NEM quotas and per-installation capacities.



Ground-mount solar and rooftop solar (Large Scale Solar/NEM/Selco/FiT)


Rooftop solar (NEM/FiT)