Investment and Financing

We collaborate with industrial, commercial and residential electricity consumers to offer innovative zero-outlay solutions to realize electricity bill savings while going “green”.

Go Green and Save Money At The Same Time!

Industries, companies and home owners can all benefit from using solar energy to can reduce their electricity bills, while doing their vital part to help protect the environment. Please contact us by Live Chat or email for more details.


Whether for its own account (smaller systems) or through strategic partnerships with multinational investors (larger systems), NHE offers a solar power purchase agreement (SPPA) model involving no outlay to the electricity consumer, with flexible terms that can be tailored to suit the consumer’s preferences and requirements.

At the end of the SPPA term, ownership of the PV solar plant transfers free of charge to the electricity consumer, who enjoys even larger saving from the renewable energy produced by the plant.

Quality guarantee: NHE uses only “Tier 1” modules in its PV solar plants, warranting the 25-year performance of modules to at least 90% of the initial value at the end of Year 10 year and 80% in the 25th year.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)

No upfront cost, pay only for electricity produced at a discounted tariff, O&M services covered by investor during the contract term.

Outright Purchase

Cash purchase the system directly with warranty and free 2-year O&M services