PV Solar Operations & Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is the routine and regular maintenance of technical equipment and assets to keep them running efficiently.  

Operations and Maintenance Services

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A PV solar plant’s preventive maintenance schedule typically includes a detailed visual inspection of the system, cleaning of equipment for exposure to the environment, random testing of components (with diagnostic follow-up / repair as relevant), and yearly / bi-annual calibration or servicing of equipment with reference to the OEM’s operating manual recommendations.

During the routine visual inspection, New Horizon Energy’s technical team will assess the need for module cleaning. Typically, ground mount and BIPV systems require more frequent cleaning than rooftop systems, however this also depends on the location of the installation (for example, is the solar facility located near a construction site or industrial area?).

Preventive maintenance also involves routine inspections by a ST-certified visiting engineer, abatement of weed growth, and periodic cleaning of drainage systems and retention ponds (primarily applicable for ground-mount or BIPV systems).

We Offer


Full visual inspection, thermal scanning, and cleaning in conformance with OEM recommendations

Panel Cleaning
Visual inspection, cleaning, running parameter check, electrical and data connection check, anti-islanding test, PV string test

Inveter Inspection
Daily operating parameter record and servicing as per manufacturer recommendation, chargemen and visiting engineer advice

Transformer servicing
Monthly routine inspection by ST-certified Independent Engineer and Chargeman

ST Engineer inspection
Grass cutting, drainage clean-up, pest control, weed abatement and fencing inspection

Ground maintenance
Servicing and calibration in compliance with statutory regulations

Protection overcurrent calibration
Yearly servicing and calibration in compliance with statutory regulations

Earth relay calibration
Yearly servicing of the termination and battery fluid

Battery bank charger
Inspection of string cabling, AC cables, LV distribution for wear and tear, damage or loose connections. Inspection of overall racking structure connections, foundation and rusting.

Cabling & Mounting Inspection
Visual inspection of the PV solar plant's drainage and mounting / civil structures; periodic cleaning of the drainage system

Site drainage & structure